Standing true to its name, ARTicious derives its inspiration from ART. Rather than just a brand, Articious is a concept that satiates the artistic longings of discerning customers in the form of fashionable and wearable art. Our aim is to take Articious to the level where the name “Articious” itself becomes synonymous with the handmade and artistically crafted accessories.

Leather Handpainted Collection

Have a fetish for handbags! Browse our fabulous collection of unique and collectible “wearable art” collection – the beautiful handpainted leather handbags. It’s like carrying a master piece of art with you! Adorning your favourite shapes, palette of colors, designer look and exquisite craftsmanship, our collection is destined to provide you with a range of contemporary and innovative designs.

Vintage Handbags Collection

Our vintage handbag collection is made of rare and exclusive Vintage fabric. Contemporarily designed handbags are handcrafted with ethnic and traditional decorations like old coins, metal hangings and pom-poms to name a few..

Jewellery Collection

Exquisite pieces of handcrafted jewellery in a range of designs to suit every occasion and style! Refurbish with an elegant and astute designed accessory from Articous.

A perfect statement handbag, combined with an elegant piece of jewellery …there you are – perfectly feminine and utterly gorgeous!!!